Platinum Adapter - Standard Cartridges

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Adapter for standard (European) cartridges for Platinum fountain pens.

Platinum Pen Co., Ltd was founded in 1919, by Shunichi Nakata. This Japanese company quickly became a pioneer in the writing instrument industry.

One of his most important creations was the Platinum Honest 60. It was one of the first fountain pens in the world to use ink cartridges. In 1958, mountaineers even traveled to the Himalayan mountains to test the Honest 60 and proved that the ink in the cartridge did not leak, despite the low atmospheric pressure (if you often travel by plane with your nibs and cartridges, you know that this is not an easy task!).
Nowadays, Platinum Pen Co., Ltd is recognized as one of the best pen companies on the market. Its great reputation is explained, in part, by the fact that it has remained a family business; even with 100 years of existence, it is still run by the Nakata family. She therefore knew how to maintain her original vision and her passion for pen manufacturing.