Collaging Workshop - English

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This collaging workshop will facilitate a playful space of exploring collage-work for participants. Whether a first-time beginner, curious about collage, or a scissor-slinging x-acto expert, this workshop is open to all levels. This workshop aims to introduce participants to the radical, collectivist and DIY-scene rooted history of collage and empower participants to create using prompts and materials provided.
  • Materials: Participants are encouraged to either bring their own materials, or to use the materials provided. The majority of the materials used in this workshop will be recycled and repurposed. Examples of materials that can be brought include: old books with illustrations, magazines, newspapers, dried flowers, postcards, etc. Scissors and x-acto knives with cutting pads are optional to bring, but will also be provided.
  • Cost: This workshop is free for QTBIPOC and PWYC (Pay what you can) sliding scale $10-40 per participant. Participants who are able to pay the full cost of the workshop are encouraged to do so.
  • Time: 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. / 8:30 p.m.
  • COVID-19 precautions: Masks are strongly encouraged during this event.
  • There are several stairs to enter and move around the shop

Mar Khorkhordina (Emotional Art Studio) (they/he) is a multi-disciplinary visual artist whose work seeks to translate queer joy and thriving in day to day life into art. Their collage work, both digital and physical explores these themes and extends the invitation to be creative and express ones emotional inner world through both the DIY collage kit project, and workshops.

Alice (Collationalys) (she/her) is an analog collage artist who creates in a therapeutic way. Upon rediscovering her passion, she began sharing her work and is now full-time in her collage work. She is currently accepting commissions for special order, has worked on several collections, and is looking to expand her passion for this manual world by hosting workshops.