Molotow Felt Marker - Black

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Molotow Blackliner pens feature pigmented, archival ink that is not only water and chemical resistant, but also colorfast. Blackliners are EC Eco-Audit EMAS certified (the most demanding regulation in the world in the field of sustainable actions) by Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH. With a running distance of up to 2000 meters*, Blackliner ink is very economical. For added durability, the tips (0.05 - 1 mm) of the Blackliners are also made of metal.

  • Water-based, archival, opaque and permanent ink (water and alcohol resistant, does not fade when cleaned)
  • Fade resistant
  • Quick drying, for indoor use only, odorless
  • “Capp Off” without drying for 90 to 180 minutes*
  • Made in Germany