Fantôme | Whole bean coffee

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300g bags of whole bean coffee roasted in Quebec City by Fantôme Coffee.

Fantôme was founded in 2019 by Louis-Philip Brouillette, after an internship in a specialty coffee-producing community in El Salvador. He strives to highlight the sacrifices made by these communities to offer exceptional coffees, and to pay tribute to the dedication and passion of these producers.

For Fantôme, coffee remains the property of the land and the hands that produced it. The roaster's duty is to show the conscientious work of all those involved in the production of a coffee, and to humbly pass on the fruit of their hard work, sustained only by the passion of the producers. We must not forget the challenges they face everyday.

All Fantôme coffees are light to medium roast and are excellent in espresso and filter!

  • Mauricio Salaverria, El Salvador: notes of orange and caramel
  • Mauricio Salaverria *medium roast*, El Salvador: notes of chocolate and brown sugar
  • Ingrid Olivo, El Salvador: notes of grape, baked apple, maple and grahm cracker
  • Carlos Pola, El Salvador, Honey: notes of apricot, caramel and dark chocolate
  • Randolfo Pacheco, Guatemala: notes of tropical fruit, jasmin and honey
  • Decaf: notes of apple, cocoa, caramel, Swiss Water process