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Fantôme Coffee

Fantôme Coffee

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Fantôme Torréfacteur is a small direct trade roaster from Quebec City focusing on building transparent relationships with just a handful of coffee producers in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. By consistently working with the same producers every year, Fantôme promotes a more sustainable working relationship with its partners. Their exceptional coffees showcase the diversity of flavour profiles that can be found within a small geographical region, highlighting different processing methods and coffee plant varietals, as well as the passion and dedication of coffee producers.

All bags are whole bean light to medium roast and perfom well as both espresso and filter coffee.

  • Mauricio Salaverria light roast: El Salvador, balanced coffee with notes of hazelnut, black cherry and caramel. *Our house espresso!*
  • Mauricio Salaverria medium roast: El Salvador, round and full bodied with notes of chocolate and toasted nuts
  • Jose Antonio Ramirez: El Salvador, a fruity delicate coffee with notes of mango, cherry and maple 
  • Ingrid Olivia: El Salvador, a fruity light coffee with notes of orange, peach, nougat and vanilla
  • Antonio Ramirez: El Salvador, a bright coffee with notes of tropical fruit
  • Décaféiné Colis Resistenica: Guatemala, a classic coffee with notes of chocolate and raisin
  • Recolección de Navidad: El Salvador blend with notes of strawberry and caramel
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