La Guillotine Agenda - 2024 (French only)

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This magnificent agenda, both monthly and weekly, was created by the independent feminist printing and publishing collective La Guillotine .

It contains texts, poems and essays around the theme of Mutation.

  • Cover: Cardstock, screen printed
  • Paper: White
  • Interior pages: Dotted, risograph printed
  • Size: 5x7¾''
  • Binding: Stitched (allows the book to be opened flat)
  • Illustrations by @isa.pardi

    La Guillotine is an autonomous feminist printing and publishing collective that is organized in a chosen diversity (without cis men). This collective was born, in 2021, from a common passion for old capricious presses, artisanal binding and literary works of resistance. La Guillotine wishes to reappropriate the publishing process by paying as much care and attention to the form of the objects produced as to their content.