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250g bag of whole bean coffee, light-medium roast, prepared by P.S. Coffee in Montreal.

About P.S. Coffee:

In its quest for the highest quality and best batches, specialty coffee has historically neglected the needs of producers, perpetuating a cycle where the winners keep winning and communities along the coffee belt bear the brunt of inequality within the supply chain.

At our core, we are driven to source exceptional coffee and roast it from smallholders across generations, while encouraging our customers, partners and industry peers to work towards a more equitable drinking system.

We believe that to achieve this, we must resist the dominant coffee model and rethink our role as a roaster. Our mission is to be a trusted purchasing partner for the producers we work with and a trusted resource for coffee drinkers like you.

Here are our current coffees:

Toasté, blend: San Agustin, Huila, Colombia

There are very few people among us who don't hold a secret love for a dark, rich cup of coffee - for even dedicated drinkers of the light and bright way, its charm can be irresistible.

Toasté is the answer to this Diner riddle. Its familiar notes of molasses, roasted nuts and a hint of dark red fruits deliver the bold taste you're looking for, without any dirty secrets. Impeccably prepared from the farm level and purchased through the long-term, transparent and consensual relationships on which our supply is built.

Deep n delicious : Antonieta & Carmen Donis,
Las Minas, Mataquescuintla, Jalapa, Guatemala

Its deep notes of chocolate, hazelnut and brown sugar make it the classic, approachable coffee that's perfectly brewed as a filter or espresso.

Celia Portillo: La Pacaya Farm, Pichingo, Comayagua, Honduras

The altitude, combined with Celia's passion for coffee, creates a smooth, full-bodied cup filled with notes of sweet mandarin, raisin and light florals.

Marlene Imbachi : La Torre, Kennedy, San Agustin, Huila, Colombia

She and her husband Augusto Ortega are longtime coffee producers, founding members of the Monkaaba Group and true pillars of the San Agustin coffee community. With notes of passion fruit, peach and red apple, this batch shines and makes for an excellent  pour-over or filter.