Cuadernos Misterio x Nueva Era - El Camino, 2022 Limited Edition

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We are very happy to present our very first series of notebooks designed in collaboration with the incredible bookbinding workshop Cuadernos Misterio!

These notebooks, completely handcrafted by Ayra, are inspired by an oral tale recited, in 1978, by a farmer named Don David H. * living in Talagante, a Chilean town nicknamed Pueblo de Brujos (Village of Sorcerers).

The tale mentions that the Devil took the path between the towns of Peñaflor and Talagante, in a very elegant carriage. This path is also nicknamed El Camino del Diablo (The Devil's Path).

We hope you will have fun writing your scary stories or dark thoughts on it and even drawing all the monsters from your imagination!

All photos belong to Ayra and reveal her creative process.

  • Cover: Hard
  • Paper: Chamex (Brazilian brand), Ivory, 90 gr, compatible with fountain pens :)
  • Number of pages: 200/400
  • Size: 19 cm x 13.5 cm (B6)
  • Inside Pages: Plain
  • Binding: Case
  • Each notebook is numbered from 1 to 13

Cuadernos Misterio , founded by the fantastic Ayra Simona Lillo Castillo, is a paper and craft bookbinding workshop located in Viña del Mar, Chile. Ayra is a great multidisciplinary artist who makes all her notebooks by hand. It was a real honor to be able to work with her!

*Solari A., ME (2017). El diablo venía desde Peñaflor a Talagante en carretela muy elegante. (Sobre diablos, cuentos y creencias). Revista Austral De Ciencias Sociales , (1), 61–73.