J. Herbin ink cartridges - Empire Green

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This pretty little metal box contains 6 short cartridges from the French brand J. Herbin.

 Content per box: 6 short cartridges

✑ Water resistant ink: No

✑ Composition of ink: Based on natural dyes, non-toxic and pH neutral

 Compatible with fountain pens that have a standard (or sometimes called international) type cartridge system

J. Herbin is the oldest ink company in the world: it was founded in 1670, in Paris. At that time, it was called La Société Herbin, Maître Cirier and specialized in sealing wax. Its founder, Mr. Herbin, was a sailor and often traveled to India to obtain formulas to produce wax and inks. His waxes were so popular that even Louis XIV, the Sun King, began to use them. In 1700, the La Perle des Encres collection was created. In 1798, Jacques Herbin , took control of the business and relocated the workshop to rue des Fosses-Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois. In the 19th century, Herbin continued to develop new ink formulas. Even a black ink was specially designed for Victor Hugo. Nowadays, Herbin also produces beautiful writing instruments, such as fountain pens and calligraphic fountain pens. The inks are still produced in France and the final touches to their bottles are still handmade in Paris.