Cuadernos Misterio x Nueva Era - De Artes y Espíritus, Limited Edition 2023

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If you board this ship, know that you will not get off...

The second edition of our notebooks, designed entirely by hand by Cuadernos Misterio, is inspired by El Caleuche, a ghost ship from Chilean folklore, more precisely from the Island of Chiloé.

One of the many beliefs related to the Caleuche is that it was created by Millalobo, a mythical being ruling the deep waters, for his children Pincoya , Sirena Chilota and Pincoy. Their mission is to transport the bodies of the castaways aboard the ship, where they will spend eternity happily feasting on the seas.

All photos belong to Ayra and reveal her creative process.

  • Cover: Hard
  • Paper: Walter Lund, Ivory, 78gr, compatible with fountain pens
  • Number of pages: 200/400
  • Format: 19 cm x 13.5 cm (B6)
  • Interior pages: Plain
  • Binding: Case
  • Each notebook is numbered from 1 to 13 (if you purchase both versions of our journals, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that they will have the same number)

    Cuadernos Misterio , founded by Ayra Simona Lillo Castillo, is an artisanal paper and bookbinding workshop located in Viña del Mar, Chile. Ayra is a brilliant multidisciplinary artist who makes and illustrates all of her notebooks by hand. It was a real honor to be able to work with her again!