Pilot Iroshizuku Ink 50ml - Momiji (Autumn Leaves)

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Iroshizuku , meaning drop ( shizuku) of color ( iro ) in Japanese, is the name given to Pilot brand inks that celebrate Japan's beautiful natural landscape. These sublimely colored inks are found in blown glass bottles whose bottom is ingeniously angled to allow you to use up the last drop.

Momiji is a Japanese word meaning autumn leaves.

  • Bottle size: 50ml
  • Indelible ink: No
  • Ink composition: Dye-based
  • For fountain pens

In 1915, Ryōsuke Namiki, a mechanical engineer and professor at the University of Marine Science and Technology in Tokyo, quit his job and, together with his colleague Masao Wada, founded a small factory to manufacture gold nibs for fountain pens, which they named Namiki Manufacturing Company. Three years later, Pilot was born.

With its wide range of writing instruments, Pilot has quickly become one of the best and most popular pen companies on the market.