Kaweco Cartridge Pack - Assorted Colors

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Kaweco ink cartridges, made in Austria.

  • Content per box: 10 small cartridges
  • Water resistant ink: No
  • Ink composition : Based on dyes
  • Compatible with fountain pens with a standard cartridge system

In 1883, in Heidelberg, Germany, a wooden pen holder factory was established: the Heidelberger Federhalter Fabrik . This factory was eventually renamed Kaweco in 1889 by its new owners, Heinrich Koch and Rudolph Weber. In 1911, the Kaweco Sport range of pens was created. Thanks to its small size, this pen was aimed, at the time, at athletes—hence the name Sport. In 1971, Kaweco even obtained a permit to produce pens dedicated to the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich! Nowadays, Kaweco is one of the most popular brands in the writing instrument market.