Apple and Sun Keychain - Little Donut

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  • Dimensions: Approximately 3cm x 9cm
  • Materials: Polymer clay and resin
  • Please note: Since each keychain is made and painted by hand, they may have slight imperfections (such as small resin bubbles or brush marks). On the other hand, we believe that it is these imperfections that make these pieces totally unique!

Apple and Sun is a very small Montreal company, founded in 2021, by designer and illustrator Nadia Faucon. Its products, entirely handmade, are inspired by Kawaii aesthetics; so they are very cute!

Pourquoi aimons-nous apple and sun?

Apple and Sun est une toute petite entreprise montréalaise, fondée en 2021, par la fantastique designer et illustratrice Nadia Faucon. Ses produits, entièrement fabriqués à la main, sont inspirés par l'esthétique Kawaii; ils sont donc très mignons!