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Lamy Safari Fountain Pen - Black

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen - Black

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The Lamy Safari is one of the most popular fountain pens on the market. Designed by Wolfgang Fabian et Bernt Spiegel in 1980, it was originally conceived for school age children. The Safari is shock resistant and a favorite choice by pen lovers everywhere.

The body is lightweight ABS plastic and features a small window, allowing the user to easily monitor the ink level inside the pen. Featuring a steel nib, chrome clip and ergonomic grip.

  • Measurements: 5.5'' cap closed, 6.5'' cap posted, 5.1'' without the cap
  • Weight: About 15 g (without cartridge or converter)
  • 1 ink cartridge included
  • A refillable ink converter can be added
  • Please note: Lamy pens are compatible with Lamy brand cartridges ONLY
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