Fountain pen TWSBI GO - Smoke

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If you are looking for a unique, fun and very affordable fountain pen, the TWSBI GO is the one for you!

Its piston filling mechanism relies on a spring; to fill it with ink you just have to click it ⁠— like a retractable ballpoint pen ⁠— and voila!

Its cap clicks on the barrel and even allows you to hang a small charm on it :)

  • Pen Color: Transparent
  • Pen Material: Resin
  • Tip Color: Silver
  • Tip Material: Steel
  • Dimensions: 5.3'' with the cap closed, 6.9'' with the cap resting on the end of the body and 5'' without the cap
  • Weight: About 17g (without ink)
  • Note: No ink is included.

TWSBI is a Taiwanese brand founded in 2009 by TaShin Precision. The latter had more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of plastic and metal original equipment for various companies, such as Lego, but wanted to start manufacturing its own line of products. So in 2009, TaShin Precision founded TWSBI (pronounced ''twizbi'').

TWSBI's name is inspired by the phrase San Wen Tong (Three Cultures Pavilion). Wen translates to language and culture and Bi literally means writing instruments. The letters TWS are the upside down initials of San Wen Tong .

San Wen Tong is also a nod to the famous Pavilion of the Three Treasures of Emperor Qianlong, the room where he spent his time admiring three calligraphic masterpieces of the Qing dynasty: The Mid-Autumn Letter by Wang Xianzhi, The Letter to Bo Yuan by Wang Xun and The Clear Sky After a Sudden Snowfall by Wang Xizhi.

For several years, TWSBI has been one of our favorite brands of writing instruments, since they are focused on the accessibility of their products. Its pens are affordable, easy to use and of high quality.